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**PAY HERE ONLY IF YOUR SESSION HAS ALREADY BEEN BOOKED.** Otherwise, you must go to the Classes tab of our website or app to book your session first. Choose the Semi-private Lesson option listed under your desired Class type. You will be prompted to pay after choosing your desired time slot. 




A semi-private lesson is a private aerial class just for you and your friends! Perfect for a girls' night out, date night, birthday party, or special event. We offer semi-private lessons in aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, and sling. Min: 2 participants, Max: 12 participants. Semi-privates are also one of our primary options for kids: all our group classes are adult-only but private and semi-private lessons start at age 9. To learn more or check booking availability, visit the Classes tab of our website or app: choose the Semi-private Lesson option listed under each Class type. 


Semi-Private lessons are 1 hour and cost $40/person. But if you want to set up a recurring semi-private, you can save $5 - $10 per person per lesson with our Aerial Addict and Frequent Flyer packages (under the Pricing tab). 

Semi-Private Lesson

Excluding Sales Tax
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