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Upside Downtime

An Aerial Creativity Class. Foundational aerial experience required. Open to Silks & Sling students.


Is this you? You are an aerial student who knows a bunch of moves - but when you are given free time in class to "play," you stand and stare at your apparatus because you aren't really sure what to do? Or you doomscroll Instagram hoping to find someone else's sequence that you can "play" with because you aren't sure how to create your own? Sounds like you need Upside Downtime! Upside Downtime is a 75-minute class that will use movement quality prompts to help you more deeply explore your aerial apparatus. The intention of this class is not to drill aerial skills but rather connect with your apparatus and collaborate with others in our aerial community to see what type of movement can evolve from each session. Our hope is that the experience will refresh your personal creativity and connection while providing motivation to you as an artist. PREREQUISITES: You should have foundational experience on your aerial apparatus. It's completely fine if you only have basic aerial skills as long as you are comfortable with these skills and can do them safely. No aerial skills will be taught or reviewed during this class. Capacity is limited to 7 students. PRICE: The drop-in rate is $30. (Previous aerial experience is required to drop in: see above prerequisites). Save up to $9 per class with our Aerial Class Passes (available at checkout when you book a class or under the Pricing tab of our website or app). NEW TO UPSIDE? BEFORE YOUR LESSON: 1. Complete our waiver & required info at 2. Check out our website's FAQ page for information on what you'll need to bring, wear, and more! I’m

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for rescheduling. No refunds.

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