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Trapeze Private Lesson

Beginners Welcome! (Ages 9 to adult)

  • 1 hour


Hang, perch, wrap, swing, and spin! Single point trapeze is a beautifully versatile aerial apparatus that allows exploration of both soft and hard apparatuses. (With soft aerial apparatuses like aerial fabric, you move the apparatus around your body since the fabric moves flexibly; whereas apparatuses like lyra are known as hard apparatuses because their shape doesn't change and you move your body around them). Trapeze is unique because it combines soft apparatuses (the two ropes) with a hard apparatus (the steel trapeze bar). So explore the best of both worlds ! No experience necessary. (Ages 9 to adult) PRICE: Private Lessons are 1 hour and cost $75. Or buy a package of 4 for $65 each (available at checkout or under the Pricing tab of our website or app) to make booking easier and cheaper. Want to split the cost and fun with your friends? Check out our Semi-Private Lesson option! REGISTRATION: While Alison is on maternity leave, we have limited private trapeze lesson availability. Please call us at 336-270-9854 or email for scheduling. BEFORE YOUR LESSON: 1. Complete our waiver & required info at 2. Check out our website's FAQ page for information on what you'll need to bring, wear, and more!

Cancellation Policy

Group Class and Private Lesson cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for rescheduling. No refunds.

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