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Partner Acro Private Lesson

Beginner to Advanced Level (Age 9 to adult)

  • 1 hour


Partner Acro is a fun, exciting discipline that involves weight-sharing between 2 or more people. Typically, one person is the ‘base’ (in standing or lying position) who lifts, moves, and supports another person as the ‘flyer’. The poses/skills can be static or dynamic and can be practiced one at a time, as a sequence, or as a whole performance! Partner Acro can be taken as a Private lesson for one-on-one instruction, or you if you want to bring one or more partners, check out our Semi-private lesson option. At Upside Aerial, we offer Partner Acro private and semiprivate lessons with Juli Bierwirth, a highly experienced circus arts instructor with an extensive teaching and training background in acrobatic and aerial pole, hand balancing, partner acrobatics, flying trapeze, and cyr wheel. Juli teaches beginner through advanced level Partner Acro. PRICE: Private Lessons are 1 hour and cost $75. Or buy a package of 4 for $65 each at checkout or under the Pricing tab of our website or app. To cut the cost and bring partner(s), check out our Semi-private lesson option. BEFORE YOUR LESSON: 1. Complete our waiver & required info at 2. Check out our website's FAQ page for information on what you'll need to bring, wear, and more!

Cancellation Policy

Group Class and Private Lesson cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for rescheduling. No refunds.

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