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**PAY HERE ONLY IF YOUR SESSION HAS ALREADY BEEN BOOKED.** Otherwise, you must go to the Classes tab of our website or app and book your session first. All aerial classes (including drop-ins) must be booked and paid for at least 24 hours in advance to reserve your spot (due to the limited number of aerial rig points). You will be prompted to pay when you book.




The following group classes are open to drop-ins (no experience required): Intro to Aerial Silks, Intro to Lyra, All Levels Aerial Sling, and All Levels Trapeze. For safety, all other aerial classes require previous aerial experience. If you plan to drop-in, be sure to read the class description (under the Classes tab) to make sure you meet the prerequisites. All group classes are age 16+. (Private/Semiprivate lessons available for age 9+.)


*Drop-ins are $30. To save, check out our Packages under the Pricing tab.

Aerial Drop-In Class

Excluding Sales Tax
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