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Semi-Private Aerial Silks Lesson

Beginners Welcome! (Age 9 to adult)

  • 1 hour


What could be more fun than a private aerial silks class just for you and your friends! Perfect for a girls' night out, date night, birthday party, or special event. If you're just starting out, you'll learn the basics of aerial silks: different ways to hold yourself on the fabric, how to go upside down, climbing techniques, and plenty of fun beginner aerial tricks! Everything is mastered from the ground first. No experience necessary. (2 to 12 participants). If you are interested in our weekly group classes, you'll need to start with Intro Classes, Private, or Semi-Private Lessons to master the basics before you are eligible to join Level 1-2 Aerial Silks group classes. So if our Intro Classes are full or don't fit your schedule, Semi-Privates are a great option to get you ready! They are also perfect for kids (age 9+) since our group classes are adult only. BOOKING: Only one person from your group needs to book your time slot. Add the name, phone, and email of everyone in your group in the space provided on the booking form. (If you are using our app, this will be at the bottom of the Booking Summary page after you request a time slot). Then we'll add each person to your reservation and email them links to complete our waiver and payment online. PRICE: Semi-Private lessons are 1 hour and cost $40/person (for 2 to 12 participants). Want to set up a recurring Semi-Private? You can save by getting our Frequent Flyer package (4 lessons at $35/person/hour) or our Aerial Addict Package (8 lessons at $30/person/hour) at checkout or under the Pricing tab. WHICH AERIAL INSTRUCTOR SHOULD YOU CHOOSE WHEN BOOKING? Beginner Aerial Students: Amber, Jamie, Erika, Kelly or Ashanti Intermediate Aerial Students: Ashanti, Kelly or Michelle Advanced Aerial Students: Michelle 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR LESSON: 1. Make sure everyone in your group has paid. Everyone you add on the booking form will be sent the following payment link: Everyone's payment must be completed at least 24 hours before the lesson to hold their spot. (If you prefer to pay for everyone in your group, you can use this same link to do so.) 2. Everyone must complete our waiver and required info at 3. Check out our website's FAQ tab at for information on what to wear, what to bring and more!

Cancellation Policy

Group Class and Private Lesson cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for rescheduling. No refunds.

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