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Rig Point Rental

Private Practice Time - Aerial Experience Required

  • 1 hour


If you have previous aerial experience, you can rent a rig point in our studio in 60 minute blocks for private aerial training time. (Cost is $35: this fee helps us cover studio expenses and to pay an instructor to come to the studio, rig your equipment, and provide safety supervision while you're there.) This fee also includes the use of the studio's aerial equipment (including silks, lyras, and single point trapezes) if you don't have your own. Age 16+ WANT TO SAVE $ WITH RECURRING SESSIONS? At checkout or under the Pricing tab, select our Frequent Flyer or Aerial Addict packages. These packages allow you to mix & match Rig Point Rentals with discounted Semi-Private Lessons however you like. For example, the Aerial Addict package is 8 sessions and saves you $10 per Semi-Private session and $5 per Rig Point Rental session. DON'T SEE THE TIME YOU WANT? When you select Book below, if you don't see a time that works for you, feel free to call/text us at 704-281-1100. We can often book rig point rentals during times that don't show as available on our booking calendar (such as when an instructor is teaching a private lesson or if there are available rig points during a group class). We'll do our best to work something out for you if we can! BEFORE YOU COME TO THE STUDIO: 1. Complete our waiver and required info at 2. Read and follow our Training Safety Guidelines: * All aerial work must be done over a safety mat. No exceptions. * Only Upside instructors should rig apparatuses or handle the pulley system. * Skill-trading or skill-sharing with others at the studio and is strictly prohibited. Aerial skills and sequences should be taught by a certified instructor during lessons only. * Aerial training time is for practicing skills you have already know, not learning new skills. Do not practice new skills from videos. This is NOT SAFE. All skills should be learned from a certified instructor. * Any drops should be “walked down” first to ensure you are at a safe height and that you have wrapped correctly. * Proper attire is required for working on any of the aerial equipment: no jewelry or watches. Clothing should be form-fitting and cover your back, abdomen, and behind the knees. No zippers, buckles, or anything that could catch on skin or aerial apparatuses. Other questions? Please contact us!

Cancellation Policy

Group Class and Private Lesson cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for rescheduling. No refunds.

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