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Partner Acro: Open Playtime

2 hour Partner Acro Practice Time (Age 16+)


Open Acro Playtime is part of our Partner Acro Retreat, but you don't have to be part of the Retreat to participate! In fact, we'd love to meet more people from our local Partner Acro community. Open Acro Playtime is 2 hours of dedicated time to work on any partner acro skills you've previously learned (whether at Retreat workshops or elsewhere). We'll have plenty of safety spotters available. Open to age 16+. For a schedule of all Partner Acro Retreat offerings and to learn more about the Retreat, go to the Events tab or HOW TO BOOK: When you select the purple button below to book, you can choose any of the following options: 1. Book any Partner Acro Retreat workshops as single sessions. 2. 3-Session Bundle (saves $45 and includes a free ticket to the Partner Acro Jam party at the end of the week!) 3. All-inclusive Plan (saves $115 and includes all 9 workshops, 2 Open Acro Playtimes, and the Acro Jam Party!)

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

If you can't attend a workshop, you are welcome to schedule any other workshop instead. No refunds.

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