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Partner Acro: Creative Flows

Learn how to safely improv partner acro!


This workshop is part of our Partner Acro Retreat: a week-long dive into all things Partner Acro! This 3-hour workshop will allow students to begin exploring the creative range they have with partner acro skills learned earlier in the Retreat. Students will learn some of the more advanced principles of balance and communication so that they can explore unexpected shapes with a partner without the risk of falling. Pairs will move creatively to music, supporting each other through experimental shape-making. Age 16+ PREREQUISITES: One previous Partner Acro Retreat workshop or multiple sessions of partner acro training elsewhere. You do not need a partner to participate. For a schedule of all the Retreat workshops and to learn more about the Retreat, go to the Events tab or HOW TO BOOK: When you select the purple button below to book, you can choose any of the following options: 1. Book any Partner Acro Retreat workshops as single sessions. 2. 3-Session Bundle (saves $45 and includes a free ticket to the Partner Acro Jam party at the end of the week!) 3. All-inclusive Plan (saves $115 and includes all 9 workshops, 2 Open Acro Playtimes, and the Acro Jam Party!) ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Juli Bierwirth transitioned from a career in clinical nutrition to circus in 2013 when she began teaching and catching for Leap Flying Trapeze School. In 2014, she was hired to teach hand balancing and partner acrobatics at Canopy Studio, a circus school in Athens, GA, where she taught and trained for almost 8 years. In her tenure at Canopy, Juli also taught acrobatic pole and cyr wheel and ran workshops in circus physics and sports nutrition. Juli particularly loves introducing people to partner acrobatics and infusing her teaching with the logic and physics of circus arts. She joined the Upside Aerial instructor team in 2022, teaching partner acrobatics, hand balancing and inversions, pole, and aerial pole.

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